Don Miguel is passionate about making people’s lives better through fitness!
Don Miguel serves on Southern Methodist University (SMU) Applied Physiology and Enterprise Advisory Board, Sports & Health contributor at www.stay.com/dallas and has worked with the Dallas Metropolitan YMCA on two community outreach programs. He embraces a commitment to an active lifestyle and has fun doing it.  He is also the author of Stop the Stuttering – a health and fitness/lifestyle book!

Master Fitness Coach, 2004 Olympic 100M Trial Qualifier, Founder of Fit-for-Me Foundation for kids, 4-time NCAA DIII National Track & Field Champion, and 15-time NCAA DIII Track & Field All-American. Don has more than 16 years experience in fitness and exercise prescription for populations ranging from youth to seniors.  He is a certified member of the Cooper Aerobics Institute, where he is certified to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Children.

Don-Miguel holds a degree in Health Science from Lincoln University. His continued dedication to fitness is reflected through his fitness and wellness endeavors and on-going educational pursuits. He views fitness & wellness as everyone being winners, embracing a commitment to an active lifestyle, and having fun doing it.

My goal is to make this world fit and healthy.

If you would like more information on Don Miguel and to be a Partner, please contact him at inhomeplus@gmail.com